Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Did you know you can now customize your M&M's® with PHOTOS?!! Holy cow this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, close anyway. I thought it was pretty neat when they let you customize with words but adding the photo option is awesome. I see on the home page that they also have team M&Ms® but they're only for baseball. Sadly, hockey gets no love. Oh, you can put logos on too! That might be fun for a craft show giveaway but not as memorable since people would just eat them right away. heh Looks like you can also customize the message inside of Dove® candy wrappers which would be fun. I think the nieces and nephews may have to get some Uncle Dan Rocks M&Ms® this year. muah ha ha

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Melissa Kojima said...

Oh my, Donna, you are a sick,sick woman! Ha, ha. This is craaaazzzy. All that great work on inscribing the little bugger and people will just pop them in their mouths like they're nothin'. Oh well. What will they think of next!?