Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Super Easy Photo Contact Print Tutorial

I just posted a great contact print tutorial over at Craft Tutorials. I love this project because it's fast, easy, and not messy at all. It's a fun way to give your photos a hand-printed, artistic look. The print above is one of my favorites....it's from an old photo of my Grandmother and her sisters. I printed it on tan BFK Rives printmaking paper, which is my paper-crush-of-the-moment. The paper looks better in person than in this photo and the tan really goes well with the vintage photo.
I'd love to see the results if anyone experiments with this technique! You can post photos to the Craft Tutorials Group on Flickr.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pop-Up Books Light Up My Life

I love, Love, LOVED pop-up books when I was a kid so of course I couldn't let this one pass by without comment. It's a book with a lamp in it! This linen bound book by Takeshi Ishiguro hides a pop-up paper lamp sporting LEDs which are powered by a low voltage adapter. So clever! There's also a Parisian Streetlamp version you might want to check out.
via Uncrate