Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grandma's Lawn Chair Redux

Remember those old plastic-webbing-clad aluminum lawn chairs from your youth? The ones that your grandparents brought out for the family picnics? April from Rosewebs has found a new, and dare I say, better use for that durable but stiff webbing that was always scratchy on bare legs. She makes the cutest little zippered pouches, clutches, wallets, and messenger bags, all from lawn chair webbing. I found her through her submission to the Bazaar Bizarre/Etsy contest and had to order a little pencil pouch. It was so adorable, and so well made, I ordered a bunch more for family and friends. She uses webbing that she finds at thrift stores and home sales but which has never been used on a chair. It's a clever use for a recycled material and I love the nostalgia factor.

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