Friday, February 02, 2007

And the Winner Is......

Congratulations to JackRabbit, the first place winner of the Etsy/Bazaar Bizarre Upcycle Contest! There were around a thousand entries and believe me when I tell you it was difficult to whittle the list down. Everyone put a lot of thought and time into their projects and it was very obvious that the upcycling theme really struck a chord with a lot of folks. Over the next week or so we'll be featuring some of our personal favorites so be sure to check back. There were so many beautiful, clever, and kooky items that we just can't resist pointing them out to you. They'll really get you in the mood to think creatively and be more mindful about what you're throwing in the trash. For the complete list of winners check out the Etsy blog. Many thanks to the whole gang at Etsy, and especially Matt, for doing a stellar job with this contest!

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