Thursday, September 21, 2006

iCry, uCry, We All Cry for iFri!

Have you heard of Illustration Friday? Started by extremely talented illustrator Penelope Dullaghan, Illustration Friday is a wonderful site for exercising your creative muscles without the pressure of meeting client expectations. It's such a smart thing to have a weekly "assignment". They're one-word topics and completely open to interpretation, which is what makes seeing the results so much fun, but it's just enough to give you the structure needed to get some personal work done. When I was in art school those early assignments seemed so restrictive and we all complained about the constraints and the stifling of our creativity. Then one day we got an assignment to do anything we wanted. what the....? Anything at all. We were to decide on the project specs, ANY project, and produce the design. That's when we all figured out that it's actually easier to design with some guidelines in place than to not.

iFri also has artist interviews and a forum seciton for connecting with other illustrators. I've been meaning to participate since it started, and as these things usually go, haven't done it yet. So I'm publicly stating my goal of completing at least 26 iFri assignments over the next year, in the hopes that I'll be more likely to stick to it since I put it out there for everyone and their dog to see. (yikes, what am I thinking!?!)

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