Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The First Time Ever

Hey, we have a blog! We're keeping the scrolling news box on the home page to alert you to sales, shows and other tidbits, but the blog will allow us to elaborate on a few things. We felt like we needed a place to tell you about all of the great products/arts/crafts we run across, and we'll be introducing you to other artists and designers, fun web sites, and anything else that tickles our fancy. There may be a small bit of redundancy with the news box, but this is where you'll find all the nitty gritty details. Please bear with us while we figure out this blogging software and feel free to say hi!


posy press said...

woo hoo! it's about time! :)
it looks great...chhers, amy

Donna said...

Thanks Amy! You're right, it *is* about time. heh heh