Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Internet Don't Fail Me Now

I've been surfing around looking for inspiration lately so I thought I'd share some fun things I've run across:

Book By Its Cover - amazing peek into the sketchbooks of some artists and illustrators you might recognize including Ashley G, Takashi Iwasaki, and Meg Hunt
via five and a half

TED talk by Paola Antonelli: Treating design as art

You can never go wrong with Dru Struzan's work, check out these drawings

Nice little interview with Lisa of U Handbag. Lisa's blog is chock full of inspiration and will make you stop whatever you're doing and go sew a bag

What's inspiring you lately? I'd love to hear about it!


waystoattack said...

that "book by its cover" site is amazing. i love the roughness of sketch books

Donna said...

I know, I can never get enough of sketchbooks. Did you see Nick Dewar's stuff...interesting that he's got piles of drawings on loose paper, not even in a book. Makes me think I'm a little too uptight with my sketching methods. ha ha