Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Blog After Our Own Hearts

This post could have just as easily been titled "Why didn't we think of that?" Accompanied by a resounding forehead smack and a loud "DOH!" We love skulls, how did we not think of creating a skull a day for a whole year? The important thing is that Noah Scalin thought of it, and he's been diligently creating a skull a day for the last 88 days.

The SAD blog says that it's a project of Another Limited Rebellion, which according to their web site is a design and consulting firm founded by Noah. Here's a blurb from their home page:
Another Limited Rebellion is a socially conscious design and consulting firm dedicated to creating high quality communications in a sustainable manner.
I especially like that the company philosophy includes, among other things, a "committment to work with clients who are not involved in the creation of cigarettes, alcohol, or weapons." How great is that?!
You can also buy this awesome Skull-A-Day t-shirt which was skull #10 in the series, the United Skull of America. While you're at it, vote for the image you'd most like to see on the next t-shirt.

This is so inspiring; it makes me want to commit to a daily creative exercise for a year and really test my limits. Although, *ahem*, maybe I should just try to work on my weekly illustration for Illustration Friday before I get all hepped up on delusions of grandeur. heh.

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