Friday, October 27, 2006

Trick or Treat

This is what halloween costumes looked like in the early 1970s in Trenton, New Jersey. They were homemade and they were FABULOUS! Thanks to our very crafty parents of course. That's me on the left as a cigar/cigarette girl.....uh what? I know, I know, sounds weird to me too but Robin pointed out that maybe it was more "kitschy" back then. All I know is I got to stock that cigarette tray with bubble gum cigars and candy cigarettes and a nice little sugar buzz trumps all when you're a kid. (Actually it still does.) That's our brother Steven in the middle (yes, *that* Steven) and he's dressed up as a boat-racer, complete with cardboard boat. Boat racing was very popular back east at that time and our Dad was really into it. He even built his own wooden boat completely from scratch. Hence, the boat-racer costume. That's Robin on the right and trust me when I tell you this is the only time we will ever see her as a blonde. And it's a little weird. Cute, but not "her" at all. I'm not sure why she couldn't have been a brunette Little Red but I guess donning the wig made it seem more like a costume. I always loved that little red cape.
So the ulterior motive for this post is Craft's Halloween Trick or Treat contest. You should check it out, there's still time to enter. Have I mentioned how much I love that magazine?

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